Any entering or current Yale student may apply to participate in the Army ROTC, subject to specific service requirements and policies. Although nationwide competition for entry into ROTC is keen, Yale students have been very successful in gaining admission to the program of their choice. Army ROTC cadets train at the University of New Haven (West Haven) campus (in partnership with the Army ROTC program at the University of Connecticut).

For as long as the student remains in good academic standing at Yale and in his or her ROTC program, the Army can provide generous merit scholarships, for up to four years, to help defray the costs of a Yale education. In addition, students receive pay for participating in summer field training. The different services provide varying levels and options for financial support. Students should discuss these differences with the Adviser to Yale Students in ROTC or with a local Army ROTC unit adviser (see contacts).

Students undertake the ROTC course of study of up to four years in length. Yale provides vehicles for transportation to and from all ROTC classes and other meetings during the academic year. ROTC students also attend summer field training camp during one summer, normally between their junior and senior years. Upon graduation from Yale College, those who complete the Army ROTC program will be awarded commissions as Second Lieutenants in their chosen service and incur a service obligation.

The armed forces offer other military educational assistance programs that may benefit graduates of Yale College and those attending certain professional schools at Yale. These programs offer students the opportunity to qualify for financial aid to continue their education in fields considered vital to the military. These include medicine, law, nursing and engineering. Upon graduation, successful candidates receive an officer’s commission in their chosen service and incur a service obligation.